Tecna Spot Welder 3664P


The 3664 models represent a resistance welding system controlled by a microprocessor suitable for car body repair applications. The welders... read more
Audi, BMW, Ford, Mercedes, Subaru
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21 lbs
40 × 20 × 5 in

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The 3664 models represent a resistance welding system controlled by a microprocessor suitable for car body repair applications. The welders 3664P and 3664P7 are fully automatic. When in the Smart Plus mode, the touch-screen display welding control is able to recognize automatically the type and thickness of the sheets to be welded by relying on sensors placed within the gun. This feature simplifies the operator’s work as the software automatically sets specific welding parameters ensuring the best welding quality without needing to rely on particular skills.

This system is recommended especially for HSS which will be widely used in future car models. The use is extremely easy by means of a touch-screen display offering the choice of manual, automatic or specific programs of the car manufacturers. By means of a USB flash memory, it is also possible to upload new welding programs or send to a PC the results of the welding process for a further elaboration.

An inverter technology welding gun with built-in transformer matches the system. The combination of these two technologies creates an efficient machine that delivers a power of 14.000A using a 32A fuse only. This low energy consumption represents the solution to the problems of car body repair shops having low mains supply. At the same time, however, this technology ensures the highest quality of welding since the transformer enables to deliver the current needed to ensure a perfect welding as per the prescriptions of car manufactures. The faults are detected and, if possible, they are compensated. If it is not possible to perform a welding process, pieces of information about the quality safety will be displayed.

The automatic recognition of both the connected tool and the type and thickness of the material to be welded may be listed among the main features of the welding system. The welding gun with integrated transformer allows the connection to the welding system via an industrial socket and a series of quick couplings enabling easy replacements without the use of keys, tools and screws. The water-cooled ā€œCā€ gun provides an high and constant electrode force, notwithstanding the different arm shapes, up to 635 mm arm length. The flexible and light 4000 mm cable connecting the gun to the machine allows a wide field of action and maneuverability without strong magnetic fields.

The welding tool, transformer, arms and electrodes are completely cooled by a closed loop cooling system placed on the system’s trolley.

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21 lbs
40 × 20 × 5 in